Garden Space Rental

Maybe you live in an apartment with no garden space, or perhaps your yard is not big enough or sunny enough for the type of garden you want to build. Either way, renting garden space is an option you should consider, especially if you want to save money on fresh produce. So, how do you rent garden space? Now you can rent from us. We will take care everything and you choose what to grow on your garden space. Take the time to make sure our garden space is suitable for the plants you want to grow!

What we Offer

  • Full-service personal garden space with excellent native soil quality

  • Application of organic compost and integrated pest management

  • Garden planning based on the requested crop types and seasonality

  • Built-in automatic irrigation system

  • Seedlings such as carrot, lettuce, tomato, kale, salad mix, even flowers!

  • Daily care, watering, and weeding

  • Expert consulting and hands-on educational experience

  • For special or rare type of plants, we can help you source and start the seeds

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Why Grow With Us

We grow sustainably, safely and responsibly

  • You decide what you want to grow!
  • We’re familiar with vegetables for both Thai and Western cuisine
  • You can get access to the garden at any time (by prior appointment)
  • We send you weekly pictures and updates straight to your inbox
  • All the harvest from your garden bed is entirely yours
  • We can arrange delivery in/around Huahin and Cha-am areas
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    We help you grow food safely, sustainably, and responsibly

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    help you grow even the most challenging crop successfully

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    Our techniques are based on both tried-and-true methods and latest scientific research

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    We have experience growing in challenging places like Maine and Texas, USA

Our Plans & Pricing

Outdoor Garden Space

  • Outdoor garden bed (size 117x273cm)
  • Best for vegetables and flowers
  • 3,450 THB for a 4-month season
  • 9,950 THB for a year-long rental
  • Monthly extension 790 THB

Indoor Greenhouse

green house
  • Indoor growing spot in the greenhouse (1 growing spot)
  • For figs and blackberries. You can “adopt” existing trees.
  • 10,350 THB for a year-long rental
*All plans are first-come first-served, limited space available
*If you want a half bed, we can help match you with another customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Garden Space Rental Inquiry

What if there is a crop failure?

In the event of crop failure in your rental bed, we can provide a reasonable (up to 80%) of the harvest from our production beds to make up for the lost crop. They may not be the exact same type or variety, but should be enough for use in your kitchen. If, at the end of the season, there is still absolutely nothing to harvest from both your bed and our production beds (which is very unlikely) we will offer you a refund.

What can we grow in the rental beds?

Lots of things. Salad green, kale, arugula, sweet potato, radish, beet, and tomato. Some longer-term crops like asparagus and pepper are also possible, although you may need to rent more than one season. Larger fruit trees are not recommended. For fig and blackberry, we offer greenhouse space rental also. Please note that some crop varieties that grow well in the US and Europe might not grow well here. We’ll grow whatever you wish, but the results depends party on mother nature.

How do you deliver the produce?

For each rental, we offer free delivery 1-2 times during the season in the Cha-am and Huahin area. If you’re located elsewhere, we can also ship them via cold chain. Customers pay for shipping and handling. If your crop produces continuously we may need to arrange an alternative delivery schedule at a reasonable price. You’re always welcome to stop by and pick your own produce at any time at the farm.

How do you deal with pests and diseases?

We use a method called Integrated Pest management (IPM), which is an eco-friendly, sustainable, and economical way to manage pests and diseases. This includes continuous monitoring, setting reasonable action thresholds, and careful selection of biological control methods. For example, when we find a few aphids, we can safely choose to ignore them knowing that this will attract ladybugs, which will eat the aphid larvae and control them naturally in the long run. For general disease control, we use both cultural methods and general application of wood vinegar and neem extract.

Do you provide seeds and plants?

Yes for basic types of crops that are reasonably priced. For any specialty seeds, we can work with you to obtain the seeds from trusted sources.

Are you Certified Organic?

No, we are not certified organic. It takes lots of paperwork, time, energy and money to get certified, all of which we’d rather spend on improving our products and services. If you absolutely need a certification, please look elsewhere. With that said, we use organic practices as our primary growing methods whenever possible. Therefore, the majority of our produce may be labeled “organically-grown”. Non-organic methods are kept to an absolute minimum.

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