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Farm Consulting

Every farm and garden is different, and every grower is unique. We help put your farm/garden on the right path to growing nutritious and healthy food sustainably and successfully.

We grow nutritious food sustainably, safely and responsibly

We visit your site for an initial assessment, set goals/timelines, and outline an action plan.

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Are you …..?

  • A new farmer or agri-business owner looking to get started on the right path?
  • A home owner with a particularly difficult soil, maybe too much clay,
    too sandy, pH too high or too low?
  • Looking to grow certain type of crops that seem challenging like figs,
    blackberry, blueberry or flowers?
  • Need help with farm and garden planning or permaculture design?
  • Dealing with pesky pests and diseases decimating your valuable crops
    or destroying your beautiful garden?

Why Choose Us

  • We help you grow food safely, sustainably, and responsibly
  • Our experts help you grow even the most challenging crop successfully
  • Our techniques are based on both tried-and-true methods
  • We have experience growing in challenging places

Who do we work with?

  • New or existing farms
  • Established businesses
  • Market gardeners
  • Home gardeners
  • Growers at all levels

Our Consultation Plans

Per Site Visit

site visit
We provide site visits for 1,500 THB per session in Hua-hin, Cha-am, or Pranburi areas. Each session is 1.5-2 hours, not including travel time.

Yearly Plan

site consultant
You may opt-in for an annual plan starting from 15,000 THB and it includes initial consulting sessions, monthly visits, and updates.
Our experience and expertise can help you reach your goal.

How It Works


To gets things started we will set up an initial meeting. This lets us know what you considering hiring a consultant, and what you are hoping to work on, and we can see if our experience and expertise can help you reach your goal.
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First Virtually

The first conversation we have is free. We can meet virtually. We get to know each other, make sure we are a good fit, and lay out a plan, budget and timeline for our services.

Consulting Service

Once accepted as a client, we provide farm/garden consulting to you to grow your farm and/or home garden successfully!
Our time: 12:19pm UTC